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Berkley Power Blade Spinnerbait
Price: $10.99
Approx. US Price: $7.58
Berkley Power Blade Spinnerbait (1/2oz Willow/ Willow)
Designed with professional angler and expert spinnerbait fisherman Edwin Evers, the Berkley Power Blade breathes modern design and execution into an old school technique. Engineered with performance and technique specific application in mind, the Standard Power Blade series features a classic spinnerbait build with premium componentry meant to last. Whether slow rolling a single colorado or burning a double willow, our custom blades were built from the ground up in order to ensure performance, cast after cast. The extended shank Fusion19 O'Shaughnessy style hook virtually eliminates the need for a trailer hook and allows the bait to be fished in and through cover without hesitation. Top it off with a hand tied PowerBait silicone skirt and finely tuned color / blade selection. The Berkley Power Blade is all an angler needs in his spinnerbait box.
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