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Musky Innovations (Dying Dawgs)
The Dyin’ Dawg is a very unique hybrid jerk bait. The front half is solid hard plastic and the back end is a replaceable soft plastic tail. The action is what makes it so unique, with every pull, the tail ungulates up and down (not back and forth) for an action the most fish have not seen which entices very hard strikes. The Dyin’ Dawg should be cast out, ripped down one or two pulls, and then pause and use light taps for very enticing action. The lure suspends with a VERY slow rise.
Price: $42.99 Approx. US Price: $30.52
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Red October Baits (10 Inch Monster Tubes (3 Pack))
As anglers all across North America have been finding out, these 10" long tubes provide the perfect combination of both subtle and erratic action to persuade even the most stubborn of fish.

(Does Not Include Rigs)

Price: $39.99 Approx. US Price: $28.39
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Weed Whiskers (10 pack)
WEED WHISKERS are the ultimate trolling weed catcher. It is a simple concept producing great results. Just slide the whisker on the line in front of the leader. Weeds floating on and near the surface will collect on the fingers protecting your lure. When reeling in just flick it on the surface to release the weeds and continue trolling. At slower speeds the small bead will aid in keeping the fingers open. The larger bead is used if the rod eye is large. Another KEY feature is because of the whiskers flexibility it will not get caught in the net saving a lot of time and frustration.
Price: $10.99 Approx. US Price: $7.8
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