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Product Navigation: Home > Sledge Hammer Lures > Sledge Hammer Lures
Price: $31.99 Approx. US Price: $22.71
Sledge Hammer Lures (7" Weighted Sledge)

-6.5" Long
-Weighted version is approx. 2.5 oz.
-Non-weighted version is approx. 2 oz.
-Newly redesigned rattle chamber
-The weighted model can be worked down to about 4 feet by casting and jerking it where the non-weighted model will stay in the top few feet. With a constant reeling and a pumpng action of the rod you give this bait an aggressive chop style action with a zig-zag dying fish presentation.
-The 6.5" Sledge is a great down sized Musky lure that also works great in and around weed structures.
Rated in the Top 5 best musky baits on the market today.

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Color Selection/Models
* Please choose from the following  
2 available for Sexy Shad
3 available for Chartreuse Bandit
2 available for Black Perch
4 available for Pearl
0 available for Orange Belly Perch Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
0 available for Black Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
0 available for Bloody Nose Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
2 available for Bluegill
1 available for Natural Walleye
5 available for Gold Finger
0 available for FireTiger Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
3 available for Grey Sucker
4 available for Shimmering Shad
0 available for Black Sucker Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
3 available for Tennessee Shad
5 available for Papa Smurf
2 available for Golden Loon
2 available for Orange Tiger
0 available for Golden Perch Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
3 available for Shad Cisco
4 available for Pike
4 available for White Tiger
2 available for Raging Possum
2 available for Perch
2 available for Strawberry
3 available for Sunrise
3 available for Walleye
3 available for Black Friday
1 available for Black Orange
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Sexy Shad

Chart Bandit

Black Perch


Orange Belly Perch


Bloody Nose


Natural Walleye

Gold Finger


Grey Sucker

Shimmering Shad

Black Sucker

Tennessee Shad

Papa Smurf

Golden Loon

Orange Tiger

Golden Perch

Shad Cisco


White Tiger

Raging Possum





Black Friday

Black Orange