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Sledge Hammer Lures
Price: $34.99     Approx. US Price: $24.84
Sledge Hammer Lures (9" Non-Weigted Sledge)
-9" Long
-Non-weighted version is approx. 2.5 oz.
-Newly redesigned rattle chamber
The non-weighted model will stay in the top few feet. With a constant reeling and a pumpng action of the rod you give this bait an aggressive chop style action with a zig-zag dying fish presentation.
-The Sledge is also a very productive trolling bait that runs down around 3 feet with a wandering zig zag swimming action at any speed.
Rated in the Top 5 best musky baits on the market today.
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3 available for Gold Finger  
1 available for Fire Tiger  
2 available for Shimmering Shad  
2 available for Orange Belly Perch  
0 available for Chart Bandit   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
1 available for Walleye  
1 available for Black Perch  
0 available for Orange Bandit   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...

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Orange Bandit

Black Perch


Shimmering Shad

Orange Belly Perch

Fire Tiger

Gold Finger

Chart Bandit