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Musky Innovations
Price: $46.99     Approx. US Price: $33.36
Musky Innovations (CUSTOM Magnum Swimmin Dawg)
11", 7 oz. with (2) 5/0 VMC extra heavy treble hooks. This is a limited supply custom color Magnum Swimmin' Dawg
Product Options
Please choose from the following 
1 available for Bleeding Albino Carp  
9 available for Orange Belly Shiner  
5 available for Molten Steel  
9 available for Orange Head Perch  
12 available for Sunset Perch  
Holos are $47.99 
1 available for Holo Cracked Ice Mango  
4 available for Holo Cracked Ice Lemon Lime  

Product Information

Bleeding Albino Carp

Molten Steel

Orange Belly Shiner

Orange Head Perch

Sunset Perch

Cracked Ice Lemon Lime

Cracked Ice Mango