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Dadson Blade Baits (Musky Bullet)
The Musky Bullet was designed by Johnny Dadson and Mike Hulbert. They wanted a blade bait that can be cast in any wind and that can be burned at Mach 10. The Musky Bullet is built on heavy .62 wire and weighs 4 oz. Because of the additional weight, it can be slowed rolled, making it one of the most versatile blade baits on the market today.
Price: $54.99 Approx. US Price: $39.04
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Dadson Blade Baits (9MM)
The 9mm Bullet was designed and perfected by Dadson Blades Pro Staffer Mike Hulbert. Mike wanted a very specific bait and more than 10 versions were tested to find the perfect harmony of ease of use, performance and most importantly, BIG fish calling power. It was obvious when Dadson and Hulbert found the winning combination- and the results have been staggering. In the summer of 2013 alone, Mike and his clients have put more than 30 Muskies with 8 over 50" on ONE Prototype "Snooki". The bait still performs and has not been rebuilt or modified. Mike also caught his Personal Best 57.25" Musky with a 9mm Bullet.
Price: $54.99 Approx. US Price: $39.04
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Dadson Blade Baits (Vortex )
The "Vortex" is a very unique lure designed for casting Big Blades all day. While many other baits have very large bodies to compliment their large blades, the Vortex packs all that action into a much shorter design. This bait features 2 #10 Colorado blades that violently displace the marabou and hackle earning it's name... The VORTEX. Epoxy mirror finished and 9" long.
Very Limited Supply!

Price: $99.99 Approx. US Price: $70.99
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Dadson Blade Baits (Marabou Velocitor)
The Velocitor are individually hand-tied and feature Double 9 Colorado's. The lure is 10 inches long and each individual tie throughout the lure is epoxied to ensure Maximum Durability.
Price: $99.99 Approx. US Price: $70.99
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Dadson Blade Baits (Mr Lahey)
Paying homage to a Canadian icon, Mr. Lahey is a "staggering" 10/9 combo with twin skirt, twin #7 Mustad hook set up that will leave you wanting another drinky-poo! 10.5" and 3.8oz of Sunnyvale gold!
Price: $54.99 Approx. US Price: $39.04
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