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Price: $219.99 Approx. US Price: $151.79
Tournament series (9877TFBHD)


The Best Musky Net on the Market!

The new Tournament Series nets are exceptionally heavy duty, and perfect for Muskie, Salmon, Catfish, and Striper. Besides the many features in our standard Tournament Series, the nets feature a triple coated knot-less flat bottom net. Being knot-less, this net allows the fish to lie calmly in the bottom of the net and helps to not harm the fish’s eyes, scales,or fins. The extra coating helps to keep the hooks from getting tangled.

Both of these models come with double extending handles that go from 54 inches to 84 inches.

Color Selection/Models
To choose this model if you want the original version:  
12 available for 9877TFBHD
To choose the Blue handle, Blue hoop version (additional cost):  
3 available for 9877TFBHDBB (Blue hoop, Blue Handle)
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More Information

This model is the Ultimate Musky net:9877TFBHD with an extending handle that extends 54”–84”.  The extra wide hoop is 38” x 37” with a very deep heavy coated Nylon mesh bag that is 36” Deep.

The Newest version of the same net is the 9877TFBHDBB.   This net is the same other then the Blue handle and hoop.  (additional cost)