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Sledge Hammer Lures 11 inch Depthhammer
Price: $34.99
Approx. US Price: $24.14
Sledge Hammer Lures 11 inch Depthhammer (11 inch Depthhammer)
-11'' long, 5 oz.
- Wolverine split rings
-5/0 Red 4X strong hooks
-Deep diving crank bait made from hard impact plastic designed to take punishment.
-Dives down 10'-15' casting, 35' trolling
-Built in Rattle chamber
-Incredible body roll and unique tail action
The tested performance of the Depth Hammer is designed to catch trophy Muskies and Pike.
Product Options
* Please choose from the following 
5 available for Shimmer Shad  
5 available for FireTiger  
1 available for Blue Shadow  
2 available for Sucker  
1 available for Live Perch  
3 available for Sour Mouth  
2 available for Orange Black Dots  
1 available for Black Perch