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Musky Innovations CUSTOM Magnum Shallow Swimmin Dawg
Price: $46.99
Approx. US Price: $32.42
Musky Innovations CUSTOM Magnum Shallow Swimmin Dawg (CUSTOM Magnum Shallow Swimmin Dawg)
10� 5.8 oz. and (2) 5/0 treble hooks

Designed to run shallow, about 1-2 feet, with the rod tip up, you can make it go right under the surface. If you want it to run deeper, count it down and reel slower.

Rounder Body means tons of belly roll and superior thumping.
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10 available for Bleeding Albino Carp  
8 available for Orange Belly Shiner  
0 available for Sunset Perch   Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
10 available for Molten Steel  
Holo Is $47.99 
6 available for Holo Lemon Lime  
2 available for Holo Canadian Walleye  

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Bleeding Albino Carp

Canadian Walleye

Lemon Lime

Molten Steel

Orange Belly Shiner

Sunset Perch