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Taylor's One-Step
Price: $6.99
Approx. US Price: $4.82
Taylor's One-Step (Original Breading)
Taylorís One-Step Breading is the result of our search for the perfect coating that is quick and easy to use. This savoury blend of herbs and spices provides a light, delicate coating that complements the flavour of any dish. With this simple, one-step process there is no need for a milk or egg wash. Just coat and cook. Itís excellent for frying or baking. Use it for gravies too! Now with a new look, try Taylorís One-Step breading on your fish, chicken, pork or vegetables. Youíll love it on everything! It is available to everyone for the low price of $6.99/bag. Itís the same great recipe, in a new bag!
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For optimal results, we recommend two things:

  1. Shake bag well before use.
  2. Rinse your fish, apply your breading and then wait. The trick is to allow the fish juices to fully moisten the breading before cooking. Resist the temptation to add more breading, it will be perfect.