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Okuma Rods (Bass)
Price: $159.99
Approx. US Price: $111.99
Okuma Rods (Bass) (Serrano Bass Baitcasting Rods)
The new Serrano Bass rods were designed with the competitive angler in mind. These technique specific rods are built on a responsive and durable 24-ton carbon blank. These blanks also feature Okuma’s UFR-Ultimate Flex Reinforcement tip technology. This process blends unidirectional fiber over 24-ton carbon in the extended tip section of the rod to increase lifting strength and power by as much as 400%. This technology provides for the ultimate in strength without sacrificing sensitivity so that you can feel even the lightest of bites.
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12 available for SRN-C-731H  
16 available for SRN-C-731MH  
6 available for SRN-C-761XH  
6 available for SRN-C-610M  

Product Information

 The component system on the Serrano Rods feature Fuji K-Concept guide frames to help reduce wind knots as well as Fuji FAZ-Light guide inserts that offer premium performance and compatibility with braided lines. The Serrano rods also feature a 3K woven carbon butt section improving hoop strength. The rods also feature Winn Grip and EVA rear split grip handle design for the ultimate in all-day casting comfort.

Lenght: 7'3"
Action: Heavy
Line Weight: 12-25lbs
Lure Weight: 1/4-1 oz
Lenght: 7'3"
Action: Medium Heavy
Line Weight: 10-20lbs
Lure Weight: 1/4-3/4 oz
Lenght: 7'6"
Action: Extra Heavy
Line Weight: 15-30lbs
Lure Weight: 1/4-1 1/2 oz
Length: 6' 10"
Action: Medium
Line Weight: 8-17lbs
Lure Weight: 1/8-5/8 oz