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Livid Fish (9 inch)
The 9" Livid Fish gets its name from its angered, fierce appearance in the water. The Livid Fish was designed to be a crank bait. With time and continued use, this lure has proven itself as a jerk bait as well. The Livid Fish’s violent, subsurface action depicts a furious baitfish. The Livid Fish rocks back and forth and aggressively twists, all while diving to optional depths to meet its toothy foe. Reel the Livid Fish fast or slow to achieve your preferred depth. Aggressive retrieves can cause the Livid Fish to descend up to seven feet. Troll the Livid Fish to confront suspended fish as deep as 25 feet. Do not be fooled by its shape, the Livid Fish is one of the easiest “big” lures to cast and retrieve. Click the picture to enlarge.
Price: $31.99 Approx. US Price: $22.39
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Tin Head (9 inch)
The Tin Head gets its name from its metal equipped head and its doltish wobble on the water. Its quick, nervous, yet heavy footed action is the Tin Head’s calling card. The Tin Head combines the best of both worlds--a physically large lure with the simplicity of the “jitterbug” style topwater presentation. You will struggle to find a more easily fished, disruptive top water lure. Vary the retrieve of the Tin Head from deadly-slow to an accelerated sprint. The Tin Head wobbles to and fro, creating a large wake and a gurgling sound that makes it hard for the Esox to resist. No foul casts, no hook hang ups, no hassle period. This will quite simply be one of the most satisfying lures in your arsenal.
Price: $29.99 Approx. US Price: $20.99
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