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Price: $89.99 Approx. US Price: $62.99
Beaver's Baits (XL's)

The XL Beaver is a bigger version of the Baby Beaver. These Lures are both truly innovative and unique baits. The XL Beaver swims with a vertical and natural swimming action like that of a beaver or Muskrat. This Musky bait can be fished with a straight retrieve or can be worked by moving your rod to make the baby Beaver look life like. The XL Beaver is slightly heavier and is still hand tied and extremely well built in the U.S.A.. It's body construction is made out of a jointed high impact plastic covered with hand selected, premium deer hair that makes this Musky lure come to life. This is a very unique must have Musky lure and when you see its action in the water....How can the fish resist the action that you can produce with this ultimate Musky lure.
Color Selection/Models
Please choose a color from the folowing
All Black
Brown and White
Black, Green and White
Black and Grey
All White
Black, Yellow and White
Brown and White with gold Tensel
Black and Orange
More Information

-XL Beaver is approx 14 1/2 inches long
-weighs approx. 6 oz.


All Black

Black and Yellow

Brown and White

Black and Orange

Green, Black and White

Brown and White with Tensel

Black, Grey and White

All White