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Price: $12.99 Approx. US Price: $9.22
Seaguar STS Fluorocarbon Leader (Fluorocarbon Leader)

Tough fish. Rocks and wicked structure. No problem. This genuine 100% fluorocarbon leader material delivers incredible abrasion resistance and maximum impact and knot strength, all with a smaller line diameter than monofilament. This fast-sinking line gets you in the “strike zone” quicker, and with a lower refractive index than monofilament, it is significantly less visible underwater. Move over mono – Now you’ve got the optimum choice for targeting Salmon, Trout, Walleye and Steelhead.
Color Selection/Models
Please choose line size 8lb. to 10lb.
STS 8lbs 100 Yard
STS 10lbs 100 Yards
Please choose line size 15lb.
STS 15lb 100 Yards ($1 more than 10lb)
Please choose line size 20lb
STS 20lb 100 Yards ($7 More than 10lb)
Please choose line size 30lb
STS 30lb 100 Yards ($10 More than 10lb)
More Information
LB. Test Diameter   Trout/Steelhead 100 Yard Order
8 (Trout, Walleye) $12.99 .235 mm .009 in 08 STS 100
10 (Trout, Walleye) $12.99 .260 mm .010 in 10 STS 100
15 (Trout, Walleye) $13.99 .330 mm .013 in 15 STS 100
20 (Salmon) $19.99 .405 mm .016 in 20 STS 100
30 (Salmon) $22.99 .520 mm .020 in 30 STS 100