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Sledgehammer Lures...BACK IN STOCK!
Custom shows colors are available in 7 inch, 9 inch and 11 inch weighted versions.   These are an amazing extremely buoyant jerk bait that can be casted or trolled at almost any speed.   A MUST HAVE! 
NEW Beaver Baits
The Beaver is a truly innovative and unique bait. The Baby Beaver swims with a vertical and natural swimming action like that of a small beaver or Muskrat. This Musky bait can be fished with a straight retrieve or can be worked by moving your rod to make the baby Beaver look life like. All Beaver Baits are hand tied and extremely well built in the U.S.A.. It's body construction is made out of a jointed high impact plastic covered with hand selected, premium deer hair that makes this Musky lure come to life.

NEW Ranger Nets
Premium nets for Bass, Walleye, Salmon and Musky.  Check them out and find out why anglers across North America are changing to Ranger Nets.

Its been many years since we seen Dadson Blade Baits here in the store. I remember way back when i was johnny's first dealer. Obviously things have changed a lot since then. The baits have proven them self over and over again. The brand has really made a name for itself. Glad to see them back into the store again. They are not going to be cheap! you know what you are getting."A quality master piece that catches fish" Supply will be limited..... Quantities are low.
The Next Generation of Muskie Fishing Baits!
Tubes are NOT just throwback baits. They are search baits, finesse baits, and so much more.
NEW 14" Frankensuick..... The biggest baddest Suick ever produced, complete with an All New built in weighting system. Weight it down to neutral for those post cold front and Fall days, or take all the weights right out and fish over your favorite weed bed.
Massive Selection of Rod holders, Downriggers and all Accessories
NEW HOGZ BAITS! Made with premium components,  the wire is .062 stainless steal, extra heavy split ring and quality hooks.  Extremely well built, well tied and are slightly heavier.  You will cast further then traditional tail baits.
New Okuma Musky rods have all been redesigned with better powers, stronger and lighter blanks.  We believe Okuma have the best valued rods available on the market.   Still offering Life time Warranties at a fraction of the price of other rod manufactures.


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